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Founded in 2013, JD’s unique combination of deep industry understanding, strong operational capability and quality-focused service significantly improves the efficiency and profitability of all our patrons.

The challenge with offsite partners lies in the quality of support provided in terms of the deliverable and availability. As a firm, our endeavor is to ensure that quality is never compromised and we're able to distinguish ourselves through our customer satisfaction.

Please note that in addition to offering dedicated staff to your firm on a project / contractual basis, we also support firms in establishing satellite offices in India, while assisting in recruiting and managing their workforce post-recruitment.

We provide PEO Services and help companies hire employees in India without establishing a legal entity. All human resources, benefits, payroll, and tax needs for the employees are managed by the JDRemote Solution, while the new hires and headquarter teams focus on your business goals.



Client satisfaction is the primary focus of our organization. Our detailed eye for processes highly experienced personnel, cutting edge technology and forward thinking approach allows us to deliver effective solutions while staying ahead of the industry.


Search Candidate

Right candidate search through various job portals and personal connections.
Targeted search to attract the best talent available in the country


Resumes of candidates interested in working on the projects would shared with you.
Shortlist the potential candidates per the firm / position requirements


Run a rigorous interview process in partnership with your firm to identify the most qualified candidates that represent your firm's values and fit the team's culture


Final selection interview round of our selected candidates with your team.
Run an efficient and smooth hiring process for your team, minimizing the burden on your HR team (clarify how this works in India if the US firm is hiring)
Conduct an efficient and smooth hiring process for your team, minimizing the burden on your HR team

Office Space

We can look for co-working space, or dedicated small/large office according to your requirements.
Readily available office space with all necessary amenities / tools to ensure employees meet and exceed the expected level
of performance

Step 1:   Search
Step 2:   Shortlist
Step 3:   Interview
Step 4:   Hiring
Step 5:   Office Space


Your offsite employees staff would cost you lot less than your regular employee with no compromise on work quality.

Our endeavor is to provide customized solutions and exceed your expectations with our work product to forge a long-term relationship.

We will take care of shared office space, or your own private office setup.

JD would be completely responsible for providing employee-related benefits.

JD ensures flexibility in employee working hours per the needs our clients.

JD provides top-notch IT infrastructure needed to cater to our client’s needs.

Obtain customer satisfaction reviews on a regular basis during an engagement to ensure our performance is on track.

Provide following advantages: Payroll Management, HR, Drug testing. Third party background verification, Leave policy etc..

Working hours

24 x 7

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